Scorpio and gemini dating

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What do you get when you try and match someone who can change personalities on you at a drop of a hat?

What do you get when you pair somebody with a person who cannot forgive and holds grudges, sometimes until death?

Gemini is ruled by the Planet Mercury (Communication) and Scorpio is dually ruled by the Planets Mars (Passion) and Pluto (Power).

Scorpio is generally quite concerned with sexual and emotional intimacy; they need much reassurance that their lover values the relationship as much as they do.

Where Gemini is adaptable, intellectual, outgoing and chatty, Scorpio tends to be secretive, focused, intense and determined.Jealousy to a Scorpio woman is more passionate than the initial love created between two lovers.One can feel the wrath of this passion and she stops at nothing in getting her revenge on you.These two will enjoy reviving the lost art of seduction.With Gemini, the Scorpio lover is able to interact with virtually two persons in one, since Gemini, the sign of the Twins, shifts from one persona to the next without warning, expressing anger or sadness, softness or roughness, or lust and disaffection.

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