Problems updating windows phone

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(And they would go offline and not have access to files they assumed were on their PC.) Based on the level of complaining, I suspect that Microsoft will do the right thing and allow power users to re-enable smart files.

But that assumes that there isn't in fact an underlying technical issue that made smart files untenable. (Microsoft also revealed that it was removing the One Drive modern app from Windows 10, and some other changes.

The good news, however, is that this issue usually resolves itself after a few minutes.

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Microsoft contacted me after I started complaining at this problem on Twitter, and it seems like the fix they provided will work.Once you get a handle on that – truly concede it – then, it’s much easier to accept that this also applies to Microsoft’s own hardware.I don’t know the exact numbers, but those that actually chose to purchase a Lumia 950 or Lumia 950XL are highly vocal and will tell you flat-out that they feel like they were duped duped – sold a bill of goods – if you will.—it turns out the error message is a bug, and in my case it's related to the sheer volume of content I'm syncing between the PC and the cloud. Once you complete this process, you'll be notified that Windows has created a new One Drive folder and it will sync. No, it doesn't fix the central issue of smart files being removed. There is no way in hell this kind of syncing will work on devices with 32gigs and below. I use Onedrive to store my pictures and love the ability to drag the photo's to the onedrive folder, let it sync and then mark it as offline only in order to save the space!(You may recall that I've been experimenting with, and writing about, ways to get content from my PCs into One Drive's now-unlimited storage.) So that will be fixed, Microsoft tells me. But at least you should be able to get up and running again. I know this is a beta, but I'm nervous that these guys have taken the reverting back to Windows 7 thing too far! The question that is so often thrown at MS, especially in a time where Apple has them on their knees, continues to be repeated - WHY NOT GIVE US THE FRIKIN OPTION TO HAVE PLACE HOLDERS!!!! That is such an incredibly useful feature that Microsoft really needs to do everything they can to put it back in (at least as an option).

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