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Basically, I needed to win."He went on to do just that, and his subsequent victor's single, an unlikely cover version, perhaps, of beefy Scottish rock act Biffy Clyro's "Many of Horror" (retitled "When We Collide", perhaps because Cowell couldn't abide the prospect of a Christmas number one with the word "horror" in it), went on to sell more than 800,000 copies, and afforded Cardle, overnight, what he had for so long sought: fame, success and recognition, albeit at the cost of anything even approaching credibility."I went in the back door, didn't I? "There are so many bands out there right now doing exactly what I was trying to do, and keeping at it. On 20 December, a week after his win, Harper Collins, a tad presumptuously perhaps, elected to publish his autobiography, My Story (224 pages, £16.99), and the frenzy of post-final promotions continued right up to Christmas Eve, at which point he returned to his parents' house in Essex, exhausted. It was only a last-minute call from his X Factor security guard that alerted him to the fact that clubbing on Tyneside when you are the most famous new pop star in Britain might just require a highly visible level of protection. To be honest, it still is."After the X Factor arena tour earlier this year ("like cabaret", he says), Cardle entered a studio to record his debut album.

He spent the night cowering in the VIP section of a club, alarmed by what his mere presence caused among his fellow partygoers. He didn't have much time in which to complete it given that, for marketing reasons, it needed to come out this month, at approximately the halfway point of the latest series of X Factor.

A few days later, he was shopping in the January sales, alone, when he was mobbed by a swelling crowd demanding photographs and autographs. Called Letters, it is a plush, widescreen effort that places him firmly in Take That territory (Gary Barlow has penned his new single "Run For Your Life"), and is full of strident, heart-on-sleeve power ballads that rather beg accompanying videos to be shot in grainy black-and-white, and slow motion.

After an hour, a female police officer arrived to escort him to safety, but only on the condition that she, too, could get a photo with him."The whole fame thing is scary," he says. He brought a hand to his face, convinced he had a nosebleed. It all comes drenched in the kind of over-production typical of any singing-show graduate, but impresses through the power of Cardle's voice alone.

Back in The X Factor glory days, when Dannii ruled alongside Simon Cowell, and was then moved down the line to chum up with Louis so Simon could flirt with Cheryl Cole, the show was never better.

Chart-topping X Factor champ Matt Cardle has added another string to his bow, wowing audiences with his cheeky-chappy performance as Huey Calhoun in the Memphis musical in London’s West End. The role is so much fun but also so intense that there’s never a sense of me sitting around, twiddling my thumbs and going ‘Oh god, here we go again’. I had to get over it quite quickly during rehearsals.

The hunky, handsome 32-year-old talks to Attitude’s Simon Button about getting his shirt off, the importance of manscaping and the possibility of going full-frontal… I’ve heard her on CDs and been to see her shows, but when it’s that close up it’s incredible.

With their every move still elicting hormonal screams, however, success in the pre-teen pop market is assured.

It was head-to-head between the two solo acts - and the two female judges, mentors Dannii Minogue and Cheryl Cole – as they performed the songs that would be their debut single should they win.

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