Laura linney and jason bateman dating

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NEW YORK (AP) - In his new drama series "Ozark," Jason Bateman doesn't aim to make waves as Chicago financial adviser Marty Byrde - more like ripples that leave no one around him untouched or unexposed.

When not advising clients on their 401(k) plans, Marty launders cash by the millions.

CRITICS’ CHOICE On the run from the mob Ozark (Netflix)This is one of those dramas whose potential is hard to gauge because the whole of the first episode is a prologue.

Only as the opener concludes do we see Marty (Jason Bateman), Wendy (Laura Linney) and their kids arriving in its proper setting amid the Ozark mountains in Missouri.

What seems at first like Bloodline redone, takes a turn for the better.

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along with a very important evaluation, the review’s creator may assign the work a ranking to point its relative merit.Some of Hollywood’s top dogs including Danny Strong, Cary Fukunaga and Bruce Altman were out to celebrate the New York premiere of the crime drama “Ozark” Thursday night.The project is Jason Bateman second with Netflix, after the revival of comedy cult favorite “Arrested Development” in 2013.In a sequence that reveals a lot about the strange depths of his character, he mulls over the information, chewing on it with agonizing slowness where others would erupt into emotion.The same day, a scheme gone bad catches up with the company.

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