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Although, the recognition is not perfect at the moment but what’s exciting is that one day, a user will be able to take a photo of the flower in a garden and find out the species, or that item of clothing to find where to buy something similar. Monty Frugal: Monty is a messenger based bot built by Aino Bots that helps you keep track of your money, predict your expenses and helps you stay within the set budget every month.The chatbot movement is in full swing, the takeover is coming, and the term is definitely hot right now in the tech-sphere.They are built based on a decision-tree logic, where the response given by the bot depends on specific keywords identified in the user's input.What that means is that decision-tree types of bots are as intelligent as the capacity (and thoroughness, and patience) of the designer/programmer who created it to anticipate all potential user use cases and inputs.More and more users are finding it a hassle to navigate between apps with a quarter of all downloaded apps being abandoned after a single use.This is where bots come in and companies like Facebook and Microsoft are investing heavily in getting ahead of the competition.But, despite the best of our intentions, sometimes chatbots fail to deliver user experiences that are as seamless, delightful and efficient as we envisioned them to be.The vast majority of chatbots aren't actually intelligent.

Someone who is just a message away and knows the answers?Multiple vendors have built chatbot platforms, API’s are readily available, and there is a plethora of open-source AI software within reach of developers. While developers have used social media API’s as chatbot hosts for a while, companies like Microsoft, Facebook, and Slack have begun supporting chatbots on Skype, Messenger, and Slack, respectively.This is a short list of well-known company names and looking around will show you how many of the other messaging platforms are either planning or currently offering a chatbot plaform.As the chatbot takeover begins, UX will play a major role in the development of the experience with these bots.Think about all the elements for a bot: the personality, dialogue flow, animations, usability, interface, analytics…etc.

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