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Castillo-Munoz brought the attention of law enforcement on himself on Sunday when he reported that he was robbed of 0 by two men at gunpoint in the "tunnel" entrance to a building on Main Street in Madison.

Madison police said in a release Thursday that Castillo-Munoz made up the story of being robbed, after they reviewed area video surveillance camera images.

There are many different countries in the world where one can study Spanish.

Costa Rica, however, offers some unique advantages.

Other than waiting for the day to grab a taxi at the airport, consider booking a ride with Costa Rica Guys Trip, as it gives you convenience and value for money.

Get Your Free Guy’s Guide to Costa Rica Upon arriving at the destination hotel, you can take a few hours to relax and re-energize from the tiresome flight as you prepare for the lively Costa Rica bachelor party and Jaco bachelor party.

Exploring San Jose A visit to Costa Rica is not enough without spending some time on a Barrio Walking Tour, for sightseeing and cultural exhibition.

Make sure you have the camera with you to take off the groups, and the historical and educational aspect of the bachelor party will thrill the bride.

The 5.5-hour program is offered for those students who desire additional practice in conversation. Students have the option of studying, by weekly sessions, at each of our campuses: the small town of San Joaquín de Flores, the Monteverde Cloud Forest, and Flamingo Beach.MORRISTOWN - An undocumented immigrant who allegedly faked being robbed by two gunmen in Madison was ordered released Friday from the Morris County jail into the custody of federal authorities who say he is wanted for the rape of a juvenile in Costa Rica. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials have detainers for Castillo-Munoz, who is wanted in Costa Rica for the alleged rape of a minor.Judge Ira Cohen, sitting in Morristown, on Friday reviewed the case of Eugenio Castillo-Munoz of Waverly Place, Madison, and ordered him released from the Morris County jail at the request of Morris County Assistant Prosecutor Melanie Gross. There was no reference in court to when the alleged crime occurred or the age of the child.Costa Rica also is home to tremendous biodiversity.The country is teeming with wildlife and natural beauty, allowing visitors to climb a mountain volcano in the morning and relax on the beach in the afternoon.

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