Dicaprio dating winslet

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They were speaking very close at one point, and to anyone seeing them for the first time you would think they seemed like a couple in love.‘The chemistry is palpable still, after all these years.The auction raised million for the foundation's charity work.

8 uber-rich celebs with frugal lifestyle habits Oscar winners Di Caprio, 42, and Winslet, 41, played star-crossed lovers Jack and Rose in James Cameron’s 1998 retelling of the sinking of the Titanic, and were reunited in 2009 as a warring couple in While saving the planet has been Di Caprio’s preoccupation for years, Winslet is involved with charities helping autistic children, as well as organizations for the homeless and disadvantaged people with cancer.Everyone at the party was asking the one question: “Why can’t they just get together?” It’s obvious that Leo is still in love with her, and they sizzle in a room together.The pair had their arms around each other in the photos sparking a huge amount of interest among fans.But, unfortunately, the ship has somewhat, errr, sailed because Kate has has been married to Ned Rocknroll since 2012, meaning it's most likely a completely innocent holiday with friends.

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