Dating your flag

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A few ideas on how to save you from a potentially embarrassing and damaging relationship down the line.

When relationships fail, it does not mean both parties were unsuccessful in laying the right foundation, especially when you just started dating.

If they are constantly speaking; ill or otherwise about their ex, they are looking for a therapist. However, everyone has had one relationship that has lasted over a year, whether it be dysfunctional or the best one of your life, as much as we hate to admit it to ourselves (or others).

I could just imagine my grandmother shaking her head.

Looking back at some of the stunts I pulled and situations I got myself in, I’m ashamed. Everything mimicked the traffic rules adults were supposed to abide by.

My insecurity and immaturity were working overtime. It turns out, dating can be a lot like a giant game of “Red Light, Green Light.” Red flags and deal-breakers Many of us start dating with a mental checklist for our future spouse.

By just keeping an eye open for signs that will tell whether or not he wants to make the most of your time and company without you having to force him to.

Nothing is written in stone when it comes to relationship and dating, in fact everything you will kind of have to figure out as you go along.

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