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This is why it’s incumbent upon us to CREATE our relationships, to decide what they are and what they are not and I believe this is the new and very exciting frontier in relationships. What we’re built for is exploration, finding what we truly want, respecting each others’ journey, growing and being grateful that we are living in this time of great opportunity. It was great to see some regulars and a bunch of new people. When we got to talking about reactions we have to each other’s behavior on dates (applicable to all situations), it got lively and very interesting.

You might not have used elite dating app Inner Circle but you will almost certainly have heard of it.

The company made headlines when it launched in the UK in 2015 over the selectiveness of its app.

As human beings, we’re going to be challenging to figure out, to understand each other’s reactions and interpretations and if we can’t help but make a big deal out of them when they show up, be ready for some emotions and feelings that might make the person seem unsafe to us, or might make us feel like we messed up the experience or that we won’t get along.

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