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TN status is generally issued for one year and may be renewed indefinitely provided that you are able to demonstrate that you have no intention of pursuing full-time employment in the United States. You can find up-to-date information regarding forms and fees on the USCIS Web site. To work in Mexico as a Professional, you will require an approved FM-3 Form, which you can obtain from a Mexican embassy or consulate in Canada, from a National Migration Institute office within Mexico.

You can also enter Mexico with a Multiple Migratory Form (FMN), which you can obtain at no charge from most travel agencies and airlines or at a Mexican port of entry.

Look at the bigger picture as well: even though that one man lost money, that money went somewhere to someone (suppliers, customers, etc.)..when it went to that other person it was likely counted as income and therefore taxed.

Or you could consider a parallel with personal income tax.

Is it true that in a business or an investment, we only pay tax if we make a profit? And we need to pay money to maintain these resources. If we paid money on the basis of the resources we use, then instead of taxes, we should be charged per fireman visit, per police call or visit, per mile driven, per book checked out...

Because from what I understand, the tax is paid to the government because we are using the resources (roads, public libraries etc) built on government money.

In any case, though, in the United States, if you make money whatsoever, that usually counts as income, and can hence be taxed. So, sure, if a businessperson doesn't have any income, then they're technically using the roads, etc., "for free," but unless the businessperson wants to live off the land and the kindness of strangers, he'd better turn a profit eventually. It is a little confusing because in reality the tax revenues collected by the Government aren't earmarked to a particular usage based on where they came from, usually.

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Direct arrivals from non-endemic countries, including all countries in Europe and North America, are not required to show the certificate.By 1937, the number of subscribers had grown to 460,000, and the magazine had turned half million dollars in annual profit.At a time when business publications were little more than numbers and statistics printed in black and white, Fortune was an oversized 11"×14", using creamy heavy paper, and art on a cover printed by a special process.Fortune was also noted for its photography, featuring the work of Margaret Bourke-White, Ansel Adams, and others.Walker Evans served as its photography editor from 1945 to 1965.

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